Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When we attend church, do we expect to hear something new each time? The reality is that messages may be similar orally, but the Spirit will individually teach us in new ways. This is one reason why we should seek to always have His Spirit to be with us. It is up to us to hear with spiritual ears what is being said. Never discredit the central truths of the gospel simply because they are familiar or repeated often.
As we learn and apply the gospel in our lives, we will be strengthened to progress and overcome temptations. The world may grow more and more wicked, but our personal conversion will deepen and we will be able to press forward with faith in the Savior. - David A. Bednar

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Download this 4x4 print here.You can easily fit 4 of these to a page. It is perfect to handout to your youth (young women!) and goes along great with theme for January in Come Follow Me and the 2016 theme of Press Forward! Woohoo!

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