Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Your Birthday!

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My friend told me about a birthday gift idea her ward used for birthdays in Young Women. 
I found these little printouts on Little LDS Ideas. 

I wanted to print 4 to a page, though and get the most bang for my buck. 
So I decided to design my own!

Download the 8.5x11 PDF print here. It has 4 'cards' to a page.

I recommend printing this on  glossy cardstock. You need a paper thick enough to support the weight of the lip balm. I used my Fiskars paper slicer to cut my cards out. I also suggest using a 1.5 inch circle hole punch to make the hole for the lip balm. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for only $4.99. You can also just cut a hole out with scissors. 
To attach the lip balm to the card,  open up the lip balm, put the paper in between the lid and balm (it will fit right through the hole you punched out), and then screw the lid shut. Easy peasy. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. :) Yours turned out adorable!


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