Thursday, December 1, 2016

Light the World

This Christmas season, my family and I are going to try a little harder to remember our Savior by serving others and in doing so "Light the World".  I've made this little print that is the perfect size  for a business card magnet to stick on the fridge. That is the one place I know every member of the family consistently looks- multiple times a day in fact :)  

Are you going to #lighttheworld?? 

Follow me along on instagram or facebook- I'd love to hear how you share the Savior's love this season!

We plan to watch each day's message every morning before school and work.  Sounds easier that it really is! Our kids slept in today and it didn't happen like I hoped. We pulled up to school right as the bell was ringing. But we won't give up!
 Check out today's message here (and all the messages!) 

If you'd like to make your own magnet, or just want the print, you can download them below. 
It is sized at 2 x 3.5 inches, which is perfect for business card magnets. You can buy them online or at any office supply store. You can also just glue it to the top of any old business card magnet you already have on your fridge. These would be great to us for visiting teaching gifts, young women gifts (great for lockers!) or anything else you can think of. How will you use yours?

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